Modern Building Solutions


Stresses and loads have always been challenging for the construction industry, and by using a combination of stone, steel, and concrete, we have created huge structures. Modern technology had enabled us to do many things, and for building reinforcement, advances have been made.

Fabric reinforcement

Crack control has always been an issue with concrete, and steel rebar is the traditional way to combat cracking concrete. Tensile forces cannot be effectively absorbed by concrete, and the inevitable cracks will appear, but fabric enforcement improves crack control in the form of steel mesh, which can be cut to size, and bent to order.

Cost efficient

Fabric mesh as a form of reinforcement has enabled construction costs to be significantly reduced, and the amount of steel used is also reduced, making it an eco-friendly solution, and with online suppliers, a construction project manager can order the materials to be delivered when needed.

Concrete development

The concrete industry has come a long way in the past few decades, with solutions that allow for fine mesh to be used, rather than the bulky (and expensive) rebar. For large projects, a combination of fabric reinforcement and rebar is used, as rebar gives the structure solid support, while the mesh takes up any tensile strain.

Impact resistance

Concrete has great compression strength, but a sudden impact can shatter the form, and with fabric reinforcement, this is significantly reduced. Heavy equipment that must be moved around on concrete floors can soon make the surface uneven, or even unusable. Fabric reinforcement also helps the concrete to cure, and the surface has a better seal.


This has been used since man first discovered steel, with modern rebar made from carbon steel, which is ribbed to help bonding with the concrete. An essential partner to any builder is a rebar supplier, and with deadlines and schedules to keep, it’s important that the rebar is delivered on time. Custom made solutions save on labour costs, keeping the project to budget.


Roofing materials have advanced, with the traditional tiles slowly being replaced by composite, tile-effect sheeting. This strong but lightweight material is ideal for flat-to-pitch roof conversions, and is maintenance free. Corrugated fibre cement is an ideal roofing solution, and with flat sheets, it can be used for cladding. Fibre cement is an effective barrier against fire, and is often used for partition walling, and apart from the fire resistance, fibre cement is less likely to be affected by termites.

Continued development

Steel has long been the preferred material to strengthen buildings, yet with technological advances, composites will soon be introduced into the loadbearing arena, and this is a more eco-friendly approach to building. But until that time, rebar and fabric mesh reinforcement will continue to provide the essential support in modern structures, and with ready-made solutions, building has never been easier.

Talk to the experts

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