Why a Loft Conversion Is a Popular Renovation


Luxury Modern Loft Conversion LeedsOf all the renovations that are completed for property owners, loft conversions seem to be the most popular. You can make a conversion and increase your living area without adding an extension.

Therefore, loft conversions are often favoured by property owners who are unable to build an extension onto their home. Even if you have the room for an extension, a loft conversion is often an economical way to expand your living space.

The Advantages of Converting a Loft

Builders in Cornwall state that loft conversions provide homeowners with the following advantages:

  • Increased property value. If you are still paying a mortgage, a loft conversion can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. In some cases, the amount can be even Therefore, converting a loft for 25K can increase your home’s value to around 35K or higher. As a result, you receive a greater return on your investment. Property developers often convert lofts because the ROI is virtually guaranteed.
  • Increased storage space. When you convert a loft, you can also add to your storage space. You do not have to lock away any heirlooms in the attic. They can be easily accessed via your loft.
  • Increased energy efficiency. When a loft is converted, insulation is often added. This extra barrier helps you save on your utility costs.

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