Juliet Balcony: Add a New Dimension to Your Home

Juliet Balcony

Certainly, there are locations around the world where the residents don’t know who Juliet was, or who Shakespeare was. But in many other places these names are common knowledge, so much so that a distinct balcony design has been linked to this architectural feature. Sometimes referred to as a balconette or even balconet, this is in essence a railing outside a large window that gives the appearance of a balcony.

Some enthusiastic individuals have come up with a number of uses for the space inside a Juliet balcony or the structure itself. For example, in the central city you might give a small flat-fronted house a new appearance with a balcony that fits with the building style. Sometimes the frame and structure itself can be home to appealing vegetation. This is popular for those who are adding a new balcony and use greenery as part of the plan.

Juliet Balcony

Inside Out

If these ideas interest you, you can visit julietbalcony.co.uk to see a variety of different styles and materials used. Perhaps you might add a Mirage Glass or Bently design to your upper-story window and then set up an interior space with chairs and even a writing table. This can be a place for leisurely work or for relaxing conversation. This certainly makes it more than just another window.

Yet another intriguing use for the Juliet-style balcony is the extension of a loft or upper bedroom. Some homeowners have used bi-fold doors and a Florence or Heritage design to keep breezes flowing into the room. This is a great idea for those who might use a glass balcony that preserves the amazing view. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Using the interior space for reading, visiting, or work has been mentioned. But suppose the student in the family needs a dedicated space for educational purposes. The Juliet style can be a great complement to the study desk. When facing the great outdoors, you can also get the grand view. Not only can you select from a number of available designs, but you can also get a custom design in the right size by pre-arrangement.

Plenty of Options

The leading suppliers of this outstanding home feature can help you with Juliet balconies, walk-on balconies, and balustrades with an array of available designs. You always get the finest work, of course, but the price is quite reasonable for the quality of materials and construction. The balcony comes directly from our workshop to the price is difficult to beat.

You will not be surprised by extra costs when you work with professionals. The price includes all parts, paint, fittings, and taxes. When you are ready to add a glass balustrade in several designs, a Franklyn glass balcony, the Oxford or Parisian, or one of the other elegant eye-catching looks, you will be adding something to your home that will help it stand out for years to come. Talk with a representative and see how he or she can assist. It’s a smart move.