Important Things To Consider For A Home Extension


Whether for their own enjoyment or as an investment, a lot of homeowners have extensions done on their home. If you’re thinking of doing this, then you probably know that it’s no small task! There are many different things you need to consider if you want to get the extension done trouble-free. Here are some of the most important things to think about when having an extension done.


Image: Flickr

The first thing you need to consider is the neighbours. At some point in the application process, your neighbours will have the opportunity to raise any issues they have with your proposal. Because of this, it’s recommended that you make sure the extension will fit in well with the other properties nearby. I have no idea what your relations with your neighbours are. However, you should make a point of including them in the first stages of your extension. This way, you’ll be able come to compromises early on, and avoid making enemies further down the line. What you are and aren’t entitled to do can get a little confusing with things like this. Luckily, there are information resources such as this one: .

The next thing to think about is building regulations. A lot of people falsely believe that building regulations and planning permission are one in the same. Actually, building regulations are a completely different set of rules. However, you need to make sure that your extension complies with both of them. You’ll need to get building control surveyors to check out your plans, and make sure that they’re in line with building regulations. Your architect should be able to help you with filling out the required application and fee. The contractors you hire will also need to notify the council when they start work, and at various other points of the process. Finally, there’ll be one last inspection of the extension when it’s finished. Then, if everything’s up to standards, it will be given a certificate of completion. All of this is a hassle I know. I’m sure you want your extension to be legal though!

Finally, labour and supplies. Avoid cowboy builders at all costs! Also, make sure you shop around and get quotes from a few different firms. The price of extensions can vary a lot more than you might think. You may be able to source your own materials from a wholesaler like this: . It’s also worth asking about previous customers who you’d be able to talk to. Just because they’re not cowboys doesn’t make them good builders! Make sure you sign a proper contract before any actual work begins as well. Agree on some kind of schedule, and a pre-determined completion date. You should try to keep this flexible, as factors like the weather and material shortages can come into play. However, don’t leave it so that they can take forever!

Planning it and having an extension built is a long and often stressful process. However, when you’re able to relax in your new extension, I’m sure you’ll say it was worth it.