How to Buy a Property in Turkey Online

Property in Turkey

Buying real estate online in Turkey may seem like a very complicated situation for many investors and foreigners. However, the situation is completely different. With a set of procedures to follow, this process can be easily completed. It would be a mistake to attempt to buy property without thoroughly researching the legal regulations, regulations or official processes of the country you want to buy. Working with Beytürk, who does all of this for you and manages all processes professionally and highly competently, may be the right decision. So how to buy real estate online in Turkey?

The first rule of buying real estate online in Turkey is to work with a reliable company. If you do not want to experience any setbacks, problems or inadequacy in legal regulations, the importance of the institution you work for or hire an intermediary is very important. For many investors and people who want to buy real estate, Turkey is a very logical option due to its geographical location and exchange rate advantage. However, you do not need to leave your country and travel to Turkey step by step to buy real estate.

With Beytürk, you can make a professional and advantageous investment thanks to the plan prepared for you and the carefully followed roadmap. So why online? Buying real estate online is a great opportunity to immediately evaluate the properties that you think will bring you profit in the long run. It is possible to catch the advantages of short-term discounts by purchasing real estate online.

Can foreigners be bought in Turkey?

Foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey. There is no legal obstacle to this. Turkey provides many different conveniences to foreigners when purchasing real estate in current legal regulations. It is very important for investors to buy property, especially to get citizenship, and to follow these and similar opportunities.

It is important to evaluate short-term investments in locations where the market is highly volatile, opportunities and current conditions are constantly different. When buying real estate in Turkey, you can even invest in properties that have developed since the construction phase. Especially for investors who want to avoid unnecessary expenses, working with Beytürk prevents many potential wastes of time and money.

You can evaluate not only the large and well-known real estates that have made a name for themselves in the market, but also the real estate opportunities that have just been completed and are not yet in the construction phase. And you can easily do this without spending hours and money.

What are the steps to buy property online in Turkey?

You want to buy property online from Turkey, but you don’t know how to proceed. In this case, what steps are waiting for you after contacting Beytürk? What are the basic steps of buying real estate online in Turkey?

When you contact Beytürk, you will be sent a list of properties that meet the conditions you want, their status and relevant conditions. After a joint meeting and a detailed review, an online tour of the properties that caught your eye will be held. By doing this, you can actually tour the house you want to buy thousands of kilometers away. You can view every detail and even the finest designs.

The Beytürk team, which will host you not only visually, but also with all the technical details related to the property, will answer all the questions in your mind. After that, we will try to reveal the most advantageous version of the payment plans for the investor. At this stage, it is strongly recommended that the investor make a reservation for the relevant property, and most of the time this is not a choice but a necessity. By making the initial payment (collateral), the reservation process is completed and the sale of the property begins.

Which is the best website to buy property in Turkey?

There are many websites that you can use to buy real estate in Turkey. But it is not possible to use the website you want haphazardly. The main thing you need to do here is to determine the most reliable website, the one with the strongest references and the one that offers you the most advantageous services. Beytürk is one of Turkey’s most reliable companies with the widest portfolio and the best management process.

Thanks to Beytürk’s ergonomic website and explanatory content, you can get a professional service in the fastest and safest conditions. You can reach our support line to learn about references, to have information about processes and many other issues. It will inform you about all legal and prerequisite processes. After getting detailed information, you will list the suitable properties for you together.

After that, information about payment plans, technical details and all other content will be provided. When you come to the end of the processes, you can give a power of attorney for the title deed transactions, or you can manage the processes yourself. Beytürk is always with you to provide you with the most suitable conditions and to provide the most advantageous service in the most convenient way.