A Guide to Building your Dream Home


If you are financially secure and the family have all grown up and have families of their own, now is the perfect time to indulge by having your dream retirement home built to your specifications, and with no expense spared, you are prepared to invest substantially in a home that will be in the family for many generations. There is a lot to consider before any firm commitments are made, such as the location and design of the property, and with this in mind, here is some useful advice to help you make the right decisions.


  • Location – This is, of course, a critical factor, and whatever the actual design of the house, you want it to be in an area with adequate amenities. Access is also something to consider, and once you have found a plot of land that might be suitable, this is the time to call in some help. If you are planning to retire in NSW, there are land surveyors in Sydney who can carry out the necessary work. Once the land has been surveyed and everything looks good, you can begin to think about the design.
  • Building Design – An architect is the person who takes a concept and transfers it onto paper. You would have to spend some time thinking about the overall size, and would you prefer a single or double storey? Once you have a firm idea of what you would like, approach an architect and he can help you to create a workable plan. The more time spend on the design stage, the better, as this is a unique opportunity to tailor your living space to suit, and you aren’t planning on selling anytime soon.
  • Legal Issues – Of course, one cannot just buy a plot of land and build on it, and the procedure is pretty straightforward. The land you purchase would have planning permission, obviously, and once your building plans are approved, then you can begin to look for a contractor. Surveys would need to be carried out, and there are online solutions for all types of land surveying, and if you find a local company, they can probably recommend a good local builder.
  • The Building Contractor – Your choice of builder will be critical, and make sure he has experience in building the type of property you have in mind. If he is established, the chances are he will be a member of a building federation, which gives you an added sense of security. Ask to see some of his previous projects, and make sure you ask a few other builders to also quote for the contract.

At some point in the early stages, you would be able to calculate a budget for the land purchase and the build, and once you have that figure, you can approach a builder, who can probably help you to source a plot of land as well. If you have worked all your life and are approaching your retirement years, building your dream home gives you and your partner a comfortable living environment.