A Guide To Building Your Own Dining Table

Dining Table

If you’re an avid DIY fanatic with a passion for woodworking, building a dining room table will be a great project for you. Your dining table is a beautiful piece in your home and will see many great evenings. It’s important to build a great quality table to really shine out as the focal point in your dining room.

Dining Table

There are several things to consider when you’re taking on this DIY task.


Most common materials used for a dining table legs are clearly wood and metal. Whilst wood, glass and granite are also commonly used for tabletops, wood tends to compliment more furniture. If you’re after something a lot more ‘fancy’, shall we say, a glass table can be an elegant large accessory in your home. As long as you maintain it properly it can be a beautiful luxury item.


Another thing to consider is obviously the size of the table. The most common shape of a dining room table is circular or rectangular, these are very safe choices and it will be a lot easier to construct.

As for the size, you would want the dimension of the table to fit perfectly with the space available in the dining room. It must also allow some space in the dining room for people to move about and for everyone to sit comfortably. Now this should go without saying, but you have to ensure that everything is in proportion. This isn’t an hour job, if you want the greatest dining table you will need to put a lot of effort in and use the correct tools. A great way to ensure that everything fits together and remains level, is by using glue dots dispensers, this will assist you when you’re measuring and will bond any surface.


There’s no one standard finishing to a wooden dining table. It all comes down to personal preference. The safest suggestion is to use the same kind of stain that you used on other furnishing in the house. This way, all furniture will come together in a blend of style. But if you are to make your new table more durable, you may consider using multiple levels of clear coats.


Dining room tables will come in various shapes and design. Some tables come with the table legs straight, tapered or curved. There are also many variations to the tabletop as well.

To build a dining room table, I strongly suggest you work with a dining table plan. This way, you have a clear idea on the design, materials and you also have a step-by-step instruction on how to go about building a dining room table.

If you are handy with carpentry and you’re interested at attempting building for the first time, you’ll find that this will actually save you a lot of money. If you manage to build this successfully, who knows what you could be building in the future? Remember to set an entire weekend aside to start to your dining room table, you’ll definitely be proud of it once you’ve finished!