How About Giving Your Bathroom A Shower Of Elegance?

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When it comes to remodeling, a lot of emphasis is placed on the bedroom, living room and kitchen, while the bathroom is overlooked. It is highly advisable to keep off trends because they tend to change fast and you will soon find you have an outdated look. The best thing you can do is to take advantage of online resources to search for designs that will stand the test of time. This is especially useful for people who are working with a tight budget and do not plan to remodel again in a long time.

An interior designer’s consultation can be valuable when trying to determine what needs to be done. The professional will make analysis of your budget, lifestyle and the entire house and make practical suggestions. This will ensure that you not only have an elegant bathroom but it will also be functional for the entire household. Here are some practical renovation ideas that you can use for your bathroom:

1. Flooring

It may not be the most obvious thing but a new floor will give your bathroom a completely different look. Bathroom flooring is available in various options whereby you could choose to use floor coverings like mats and carpet or install tiles. Ceramic tiles are a common favorite for most homeowners because they are durable, withstand commercial cleaners and are easy to clean. However, marble is increasingly becoming popular but is more expensive compared to other flooring materials. It is a worthwhile investment and has unmatched class and elegance. With so many options to choose from, it is wise to make sure that you select the right kind of flooring.

2. Lighting

No remodeling is ever complete without improved lighting for the room in question. Lighting is used to help you fulfill your daily hygiene and grooming routine as well as highlight the decor. There are different types of lighting like accent, ambient and task lighting. Accent lighting is used to emphasize a certain aspect of the bathroom like a unique towel arrangement, artwork, interesting sink or a unique tab. You can use a recessed spotlight that aims a beam at the element you wish to highlight. Ambient lighting is used as substitute for natural light to enhance the atmosphere or mood of the room.
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However, if you have a skylight or window in the bathroom, use frosted glass or thin shade instead of curtains or blinds. A chandelier or lamp can be used to simulate the same effect if you do not have natural lighting. Task lighting is more functional than aesthetic and is used to give required illumination for showering, shaving, applying makeup or any other essential tasks. One common mistake that most people make is directly placing a light over the mirror. This will only cast misleading shadows on the face. Instead, you should place sconces on the sides of the mirror or use vanity lights.

3. Go neutral with colors

There is always the temptation to invest in a colorful bathtub, toilet or dazzling tiles because it is your favorite color. You should always pay attention to the colors you select if there is a possibility that you will sell the house in future. Most buyers will be put off by the colors especially if they do not want to remodel after the purchase. You can never go wrong with neutral colors because not only are they long lasting and timeless but they can complete a lot of bathroom accessories. A popular choice is an all white bathroom which is decorated with vibrant and classy accessories to inject color.

4. Fixtures and accessories

Old and worn out fixtures can bring down the aesthetic appeal of any room. Replacing fixtures is a relatively inexpensive way of updating the look of your bathroom. It is important to note that the fixtures you select should complement one another for a seamless beautiful look. While traditional fixtures can still create a beautiful bathroom, a lot of homeowners are leaning more toward unusual fixtures. Accessories play an important role in your bathroom and some act as tissue holders, towel bars, towel rings, wardrobe hooks and soap dispenser. Make sure you invest in quality and durable accessories and fixtures for your bathroom.