Why You Want A Garden Office

garden office

Many people dream of one day having their own garden office. They want the freedom of waking up, going to work at whatever time they want, and not having to commute on overcrowded roads and trains.

Unfortunately, too few people make their dream a reality. They worry about costs, or they have the wrong job entirely. That’s a real shame, given some of the remarkable benefits of having a garden office, Here are just a few.

It Still Keeps Worklife And Homelife Separate

People tend to worry about working from home long-term. They want a separation of their work life from their home life. But they worry that if they work from home, the lines between the two won’t be as clear cut.

garden office


That’s where a garden office can really make all the difference. The office is still physically separated from the home. But it is close enough to have all of the benefits of working from home that you could imagine. You still get all of the comforts that you would if you worked in your house, but your job doesn’t leech into your family space.

It’s Not Just An Office

One of the great benefits of having a garden office is that it doesn’t just have to be used as an office. You can use it for all sorts of purposes, including any hobbies or interests you have. It’s a place where you can retreat at the end of the week to tinker around with motorbikes or even use gym equipment.

You Save On Bills

If it’s a warm day in your home, you have to run the air conditioning for the whole home if you want to keep it at a pleasant temperature.

But if you have an AC installation in your garden office, you only have to cool a much smaller area. That means that you’re likely going to save on bills in the long run.

They’re Cheap

Garden offices tend to be a lot cheaper than just extending your home, even the fancier models. You’d be amazed and just what you can buy for a few thousand dollars. And you’ll be amazed at how quickly the project will be complete.

They’re Well Designed

While it’s true that some garden offices just look like a regular garden shed, it’s not the case for all. In fact, the designs of many garden offices make them look quite upmarket and somewhere you’d like to spend your whole day.

You Get To Be Closer To Nature

One of the things that profoundly affects people who work in regular offices is how far removed they are from the sounds, sights and smells of nature. In a garden office, you’re far closer to nature and you get to spend time in more peaceful surroundings. Most garden offices are made from wood. And the smell of wood can help reduce the amount of stress that you feel while on the job.

Your House Is Less Cluttered

Finally, your house is less cluttered when paper, filing cabinets and office materials are moved out of the house.