Future of Mining: Top Countries where Mining Specialists are needed and well Paid

Futere of mining

The mining industry is growing as we speak, and even if some metals are about to be completely exhausted, or not needed anymore because of new technological discoveries, new deposits of metals are found metals that must be exploited and extracted. Besides this, even if oil is a lot more important as a fossil combustible than coal, there are huge deposits of coal that must be exploited everywhere in the world.

Countries that have valuable mining resources are blessed, as those represent the base of industry and production. On the other hand, the statute of a miner is different from one country to the other. While in the African countries, mining for diamonds is like a punishment, and people that are forced to work there are exposed to dangers, hazards and diseases, in countries like Australia, which needs about 70 000 miners currently, being a miner is profitable and for some, even a pleasant job.

Why is Mining important

If you have the curiosity to check the mining map of the world, you will see that the most developed and industrialized countries are those that are able to exploit the resources of earth smartly. In USA, Australia, China and in some countries of the European Union, mining is one of the most important activities, and the governments there are aware about the importance of mining. On the other hand, miners from Eastern European, Russian and African countries are not so blessed, as the work conditions there are hard, and the salaries are not that great. Let’s see the best countries where you can emigrate as a miner.

1. Australia

As said before, Australia is one of the top producers of materials and metals in the world, and the second most important gold extractor. Until 2015, the authorities estimate that the number of people hired in the mining industry will grow with 76%, meaning that there will be 70 000 new jobs. As Australia always had problems with the labor force, it is expected for the majority of those jobs to be filled by immigrants.

2. Finland

Finland has an incredible plan to expand the mining industry. The goal is to increase the annual extracting capacity from 4 million tons to 70 million tons during the period 2010-2020. The metal exports in this country represented 12% of the total exports, and Finland is indeed a green country.

3. Sweden

Sweden is also a green country, but it is a place with an important mining tradition, for more than 1000 years. In fact, Sweden is the European leader in terms of subterranean mining. This is why they also have ambitious plans, just like Finland.

4. Canada

Canada has about 350 000 people employed in the mining industry, meaning that one out of 48 Canadians is a miner. Exports of mining products represent 20% of the exports of this country. Just like Australia, Canada can’t cover the entire need of workforce from internal sources, and this is why specialized miners from all over the world are more than welcomed to work in Canada.

5. Chile

Chile is one of the most important producers of cooper, but it is also an important extractor of gold, silver and rare metals. Chile wants to invest 15 billion dollars in mining during the next years, which means that a large number of jobs will be available.

6. European Union

The European Union searches solutions to maintain a high economic level by reducing the imports of metals. This is why they encourage production from internal sources, as all the countries from the Union received important funds to increase and improve the technology in mining sectors, and those countries are also great places where you can live.