Foreclosure Attorney Is the Best Person to Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure Sale

Many homeowners are surprised to discover when his or her home is undergoing the foreclosure process, with an auction date already set. After receiving a notice of default or a notice of sale from your lender the foreclosure process begins. It’s critical to take immediate actions in order to save your home from the bank foreclosure process. At this point, the major concern of these home owners is how they will stop foreclosure.

Having a Foreclosure attorney to evaluate your case against the lender is the best choice to stop a foreclosure. Every case is unique and may require different actions. After a homeowner has an active sale date on your property a foreclosure attorney will file a lawsuit and an application for the judge to sign a restraining order stopping foreclosure given the pending lawsuit.

Most Common Home Foreclosure

In the state of California, a foreclosure sale can be conducted through the courts (judicial) or out of courts (non-judicial).  Non-judicial foreclosures are conducted by trustees who require following certain noticing requirements and procedures. Non-judicial foreclosures are the most common bank foreclosures. In these cases, a notice of default is given to the borrower requesting him to fix the default and reinstate the loan in 90 days. A foreclosure sale is the final step in the foreclosure process. A foreclosure attorney is the result of a Judicial Foreclosure. If the loan is not current a notice of trustee sale with the date and time for the auction sale will be given to the borrower.  Typically the auction sale date is scheduled 20 days from the notice of default.

Foreclosure Sale

Stop Foreclosure Attorney

After you received a notice of default you need to act immediately. You can call Consumer Action Law Group right now to speak with an attorney. Your options include:

  • File a lawsuit to stop wrongful foreclosure under SB900. Usually a foreclosure lawyer will evaluate your case to see if your lender violates illegal acts and violations of the California foreclosure laws.
  • File bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure. Foreclosure defense attorneys can help you eliminate debt while securing your assets such as cars and your home after you receives a notice of default or a notice of trustee sale.
  • Apply for a short sale to delay the foreclosure and sell the house with the lender’s approval.
  • Request a deed in lieu of foreclosure to stop foreclosure by transferring interest in the property back to the lender.

Foreclosure Attorney Fees

Consumer Action Law Group is committed to ensuring that foreclosure attorney fees are inexpensive enough for homeowners undergoing legal violations by his or her lenders. Most foreclosure defense cases are actually filed by the firm on reasonable monthly flat fee.  These fees basically depend on the complexity and type of case. The majority of mortgage litigation matters are charged a flat rate with an affordable monthly plan. Some cases costs and fees are higher than others because some cases require more time and in person representation.

Free Foreclosure Legal Advice

Anyone who live in California and want to stop foreclosure, you can contact Consumer Action Law Group. Consumer Action Law Group is home of high experience foreclosure attorney that able to help homeowner stop foreclosure sale within 24 hours. Whether you have a notice of default or a notice of sale or on the last minute foreclosure; their mortgage foreclosure attorney can help you save your home and stop the sale date.

The call is free, the consultation is free, the advice options is free, and it’s your choice to call and save your foreclosure. Consumer Action Law Group does not forec or pressure homeowner into hiring them.  It’s a highly reputable law firm. You can contact them at 818-254-8413 or visit there website,