The Emergence of Gurgaon as a Start-Up Hub


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The beginning of the 21st century saw the youth of India venturing into unexplored avenues. Leaving behind the shackles of their family businesses, they started their own companies, diversified, and even partnered with major global players. Today, every corner of India sees multiple start-ups springing up on a daily basis. With such a large population and a great market for foreign products too, what else can you expect?

From restaurant rating applications to start-up retailers that provide competitive pricing and websites for show tickets to almost everything, the diverse possibilities have been successfully tapped by those with extraordinary vision.

The Emergence of Gurgaon as a Start Up Hub

The Gurgaon Start-Up Revolution

The Millennium City, Gurgaon, too joined the ranks and has fast progressed from nothing to producing Maruti Suzuki, and now almost everything else under the sun. One of India’s biggest financial and technological centres, Gurgaon houses companies like Quad Eye and Estee Advisors, bearing evidence to the desirability of Gurgaon as India’s most acclaimed start-up, co-working space and incubator destination.

Some major reasons for the emergence of Gurgaon as a start-up hub include –

  • Gurgaon’s proximity and well-connected roads to New Delhi, Faridabad and other important centres of trade and commerce in North India.
  • Availability of low cost land in the city – a great advantage for companies looking to set up new businesses at lower costs.
  • Proximity to most of North India’s acclaimed universities and housing great educational institutes itself, Gurgaon has an eager educated population, looking for jobs; hence finding employees is pretty easy.
  • A number of Venture Capitalists, promoters and other financial institutes offer monetary loans and assistance to set up Gurgaon offices, thus encouraging the growth of start-ups.
  • An abundance of India’s wealthiest individuals concentrated within the city, the presence of knowledgeable youth looking forward to a grand lifestyle and huge disposable incomes has given incubators like the Indian School of Entrepreneurship (iSEED), a generous boost.
  • The presence of multiple malls in Gurgaon has supplied limited budget start-ups the opportunity of renting small spaces in popular locations to test themselves and develop accordingly.
  • A major Information Technology hub, Gurgaon has all the technical resources for a start-up to flourish.

Thus, you can see how having abundant Fortune 500 companies, India’s leading corporations and other big players in close proximity to each other, benefits Gurgaon by offering a great market for services and products, thereby opening doors for start-ups, business incubators and co-working spaces.