Decorate Your Walls without Painting


If you’re running a business or decorating a home, you need to make sure that your walls are in good shape. The walls set the tone for the entire room and help to pull together the entire decor. Obviously, paint and wallpaper are two of the most common types of wall decoration. They have some drawbacks though.


Paint is arduous to apply to your walls, often requiring multiple coats to get a solid and even finish, you also have to reapply paint every few years to keep it looking good. The same is true of wallpaper; wallpaper has to be applied very carefully. The process can take hours, and if you’re not very good at it, it might end up looking uneven or lumpy. There are special tools you need to apply wallpaper effectively.

Lastly, neither wallpaper or paint offer you a textured finish to your walls. If you’re looking for something engaging and unique, you should look for something with texture.

Wooden Walls

Wood has long been a popular choice for decorative wall panels. Wooden panels are popular because wood has a warm and inviting look that helps to create a rustic feel to your space. Wood has more than just the appearance of warmth as well; timber is a great insulator. So, if you install decorative panels that are wood, they might actually have a functional purpose as well, they can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred from inside to outside of your space, which will reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as making your space more comfortable.

Stone Look Panels

As the name suggests, stone look panels are synthetic panels that have the appearance of stone. The appearance of stone is great because brick and stone interiors have grown more popular lately. An unfinished brick wall offers the feeling of being in a space that is artistic without trying too hard.

Brick and stone, however, are incredibly heavy and expensive, plus, they don’t insulate very well. Anyone who has lived in a dormitory with stone walls or been in a garage can attest that stone and brick don’t insulate very well. Stone look panels made from synthetic materials are preferable because they are not heavy. That makes them very easy to hang on your walls without having to do heavy remodelling.

Furthermore, synthetic materials that are used can actually be much better insulators than actual stone or brick. The biggest caveat is the supplier, great stone look panels can seriously improve the look of your space, but if you buy cheap stone look panels, they will look like fake panels that are just painted with the appearance of stone. Low-quality panels are aesthetically less appealing than bare walls. Fortunately, there are great suppliers of stone look panels who use the very best processes to print the appearance and texture of stone onto the panels.

The key, as with any interior decorating project, is to buy from the very best suppliers who use the best materials and the best processes.