Bring Class to the Driveway


Homes often come with traditionally paved driveways and walks. These are often the last parts of a home to be renovated, with the interior coming first. This one item, however, can add immense value to your home. Whether it is for your own enjoyment or in preparation to sell your home, a block designed drive can add a level of old-time class to your landscaping.


The driveway of a home is often taken for granted. It can be more than just a simple place to park your car. In the past, men would escort the ladies of the house outside and help them into the carriage. It was all very elegant. This charm can be returned to your home with block paving in Guildford. A variety of patterns and colours can be used to bring beauty to your home.

The Front Walk

The front walk is the first area that meets guests when they arrive at your home. They can be met with a variety of unique displays custom designed to match your home. Such displays can include the following:

  • Full driveways
  • Garden walks
  • Front walkways
  • Circle drives

Your home is your castle, and should appear to be as classy as you are. Take the time to choose a design that makes a great first impression. The dressed-up homes of the past can easily be mimicked in modern times with a classic block walkway.