Advantages and disadvantages of art glass doors



In our time, sliding glass doors in a private apartment or office are quite common. They catch your eye, create a feeling of lightness and symbolize the openness for cooperation. They seemed to be weightless and have a number of important functional benefits. Modern designers and door manufactures offer a wide variety of glass doors that can satisfy the most hard-to-please customer. For example, a wing or pendulum glass door that is extremely easy to install, does not require a door frame and can be opened in both ways – inside and outside. However, the consumer can choose other types of glass doors.

The main advantage of glass doors is their durability. Glass doors, both entrance and interior are made of specially tempered glass. Processed base material is very durable to withstand not only extreme temperatures and long contact with moisture, but even the intense mechanical impact. Even if your child strikes a ball into a glass door accidentally, it will stand the blow. Doors made of tempered glass are not only durable, but completely safe. It is very difficult (almost impossible) to break them, that is why glass doors are installed in public places. If the door was broken it falls into glass fragments with chamfered edges, making them completely safe for people.

Current glass doors manufacturing is a high-tech process so tempered glass doors have excellent quality characteristics. Other advantage of glass doors is that they are manufactured from environmentally friendly material. Glass doors retain heat well in the room, and if you value peace and quiet highly, the level of sound insulation will fully satisfy you. Glass doors, regardless of the base material processing type, save the ability to transmit light (including sunlight) that reflects the character of lighting inside the room. It is more harmonious, “natural” and, therefore, pleasant to eye. Doors made of glass can bring into life any design fantasies. Another advantage of glass doors is their ability to fit harmoniously to different styles of interior decoration. Original frosted glass door can be installed in your apartment or house, or you may prefer transparent or colored stained glass doors. Depending on overall design of your office, shop or apartment, glass door will look perfect whether it is transparent, frosted, embossed, mirror or decorated with a pattern. Today you can find many recommendations how to decorate a glass door, giving a fresh touch to overall design of your premises.

There are not much disadvantages of glass doors, but still they are present. Such type of doors easily gets dirty, and it is hard to save privacy in a room with a glass door. And do not forget that the cost of glass doors is quite high, so it is hardly economical purchase. However, if you will decide to buy a door made of glass it will delight you for years.