Add a touch of luxury to your home with a chaise longue or day bed

chaise longue

The Victorians had their chaises longues, perfect for the lady of the house to rest upon, perhaps in the early hours of the afternoon, following a pleasant lunch, while her servants, no doubt, worked around her. The modern equivalent is the day bed and, although they may be used in a very different way, they are just as elegant and luxurious today as the chaise longue was then.

chaise longue

A long history and so versatile

Chaise longues were used by ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans for lounging on during the day, often whilst eating and sleeping on at night.

Today’s day beds are just as versatile. They can be used during the day, of course, to sit upon and also at night as beds, just as you would expect. You might use them in living rooms, studies, conservatories, kitchens, bedrooms, or even gardens.

A day bed or a chaise longue will add a note of sophistication to your home. Place one beside a window in your living room or study for reading during the daytime. They are also very useful as a second sofa in a living room, not taking up as much room or seeming as bulky as a sofa but still great for extra seating.

It is in the bedroom though that you are most likely to see day beds today, particularly in smaller spare rooms or children’s rooms where they really are multifunctional, perfect as beds at night and doubling as sofas during the day.

For a child’s bedroom

If your child’s room is relatively small, a day bed will give them somewhere to sit during the day, to play on, behind and under and a place for the two of you to snuggle and read stories. There is no need to make the bed up each evening. During the day leave the sheet and duvet on the bed but place the pillows at the back of the bed for support when sitting. When bedtime comes the day bed becomes a conventional bed just by rearranging the pillows.

Perfect in a spare room

With a day bed, a spare room can take on a new lease of life. It is great to have a spare room and very necessary if you have guests staying with you for any length of time but it can be a room that is seldom used. By adding a day bed, you can turn your spare room into a space that you can use during the day or early evening, a retreat, somewhere to escape the noise in the rest of the house, perhaps. Turn yours into a quiet haven, a place to read, relax and ponder. When you have guests, simply make the bed up, and hey presto, you have a fully functioning guest room once again.