3 Questions To Ask When Moving Your Business

3 Questions To Ask When Moving Your Business

In 2016, it’s now possible to run a hugely successful company from home. However, most business owners will tell you it’s better to have an office. It’s also important to choose the right one! You may not know it, but the office space you choose has a direct effect on staff productivity and morale. If you’re looking for a new office for your business, here are some questions you need to be asking.

3 Questions To Ask When Moving Your Business

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  1. Where’s the best location?

Yes, that old rule of ‘location, location, location’ applies with business outlets. It’s more important for B2C models, for obvious reasons. However, even if you’re running a B2B company you should take some time deciding on your location. You need to find somewhere your clients can get to without much hassle, and somewhere which won’t be too much of a commute for your workforce. Cross those two factors off your list, and you won’t need to worry about that much else. Other considerations could be the local crime rates, and the proximity to a gym or a coffee shop. However, convenience for your customers and staff should be at the top of your list.

  1. How much should I spend?

Corporate relocation, as you can probably imagine, isn’t cheap. Like with a lot of choices in business, the money you’re going to put into your new premises is one of the most important thing you’ll have to consider. If you spend too little, then you’ll end up in a poor quality office that’s detrimental to office morale. If you spend too much, your employees will be happy, but your budget will be screaming for mercy! Make sure that you’d be able to pay the first few months of rent up-front whenever you’re browsing a potential office. You should also make sure you’re aware of any hidden costs. Often, maintenance, parking costs and so on aren’t mentioned in the ads. You should also stack the prices you look at against other ones in the nearby area. No one likes being ripped off, especially on such a big decision.

  1. Is the infrastructure appropriate?

This is more important for certain kinds of operations than others. However, there are certain fundamental factors you should be thinking about whenever you look at an office space. There are very few businesses these days which can function without a good internet connection. If the office is serviced, you probably won’t need to worry about it too much. However, if you’re leasing privately, you may need to pay to get a connection set up, and factor in monthly payments after the fact. Postal services are also an important thing to consider. Mail service is easy to forget about in this digital age. However, you’ll need it to be reliable for getting documents and deliveries. Make sure the office has a dedicated address! If the building is shared with another business, see if you can talk to the management and ask about their experiences. This can give you some exceptionally valuable insight when choosing a new premises.