The Ultimate Roofing Contractor Test

sunset of an house

There are many things that cause damage to a roof and the damage can force you to make plans to hire a contractor to repair your roof. The process of hiring may seem simple to the person who has not done it before but the moment you meet the first contractor you realize that it is not so easy. It is very possible that the contractor will give you a hundred and one reasons why he or she is your best choice; therefore, it is very easy for you to get influenced.
However, asking the questions below will make the process easy for you.

1. How long have you been in the roofing industry?

In most cases, this is the first question and it is aimed at giving you an idea of how much experience the expert has. Someone who has been in the industry for long has experience as they have gained it over the course of time and this means that they will bring this to your project. Through this, you will end up getting the work done in good time as it will not be the first time the roofing expert is dealing with such a project.

2. How do you carry out your projects?

This question is aimed at showing you how organized the contractor is. The answer you will be looking for when asking this question is if the roofing expert will bring his own labour, if they are the ones to buy the roofing supplies, how long they work in a given day among other things.

A good expert will have good organizational skills and this is an indication that your roof will be worked following a particular order that guarantees good results. Always select the expert who will bring organization to your roofing project.

3. What will be your approach as you handle my roof?

This question is considered to be the one that determines if you should hire a contractor or not. The wrong answer means an automatic disqualification whereas the right one probably means that you have the best person working on your roof.
The best expert will not have an answer to the question as they must see your house and the state of the roof to be able to know what approach to use in the project. Therefore, a contractor who rushes to give you an answer does not know his job and this is a signal for you to move on.

4. Do you have employee insurance for your field workers?

This question is aimed at letting you know what liabilities you are getting yourself into. Injuries in the work place can spell trouble for you if the employees were not insured to be compensated when injured. They could sue both you and their firm and this could mean that you have to pay them compensation.
If a firm assures that all the employees are insured, it is safe to hire them as this reduces your liabilities.

5. Who will be the lead supervisor in the project?

Any team should have a leader and this is the reason why you must ask this question. To begin with, you need someone to update you on the progress of the work and this would be the supervisor. In addition, he will be your link to the firm and should any matters arise, you will know whom to raise the matter with.

Knowing there will be a supervisor around gives you peace of mind as you know the workers have someone over them to make sure they do what they are supposed to do. To add to that, the supervisor keeps track of how well the job is being done and this shields your roof from errors that would force you to hire another contractor after a short time.

The process of repairing the roof should not be taken lightly as the roof protects you from the harsh weather outside. As you hire a roofing expert, they should be the ones dancing to your tune since you are the boss. This means that you structure the questions that you want answered and have possible answers that will either qualify or disqualify a particular roofing agency. In some cases, a firm may get several answers correct and miss one or two and this makes it necessary to interview several firms.