Topographic Surveys And Their Usage


Land surveys are generally done for identification of features and boundaries to decide the ownership rights. These surveys are quite helpful for construction of small or large buildings ranging even to big cities and fences etc. Candidly, land surveys involve measurements and dimensioning of the particular area of the surface of the earth. Its horizontal distances, angles, directions and elevations are also included. The land surveyors go deeply as regards the study of buildings and roads etc.

Topographic Surveys

Types – Following are the three major types of land surveys –

Geodetic Surveys – A geodetic survey may be defined as the measurement of a very big earth-area involving its curves. Being too accurate, geodetic surveys are much helpful in terms of references for use for the smaller land areas like the city lots or the typical farms etc.

Topographic Surveys – The accurate topographical surveys involve measurements related with the surface vertical elevation that is under process apart from the usual structures that are constructed on it. Topographic Surveys may be referred to as the process meant for identification and mapping of the ground level. This specific job involves other features related with the earth surface or slightly below or above the same. Topographic surveyors are usually engaged in the study of buildings, trees, walkways, streets, utility poles, manholes and retaining walls etc. Basically the benchmarks involving ground contours in terms of surface and underground utilities and determination of the needed setbacks etc. are included in this task related to topographic surveys. The job of a surveyor associated with this process involves certain procedures that need to be studied well.

Cadastral Survey – These surveys are generally conducted for determination of the boundaries that exist between the real estate parcels notwithstanding the fact whether the land is owned by the government or a private entity. Such surveys are meant to determine the legal boundaries that are generally recognized for the legal issues including the exact ground area and property taxes etc. The surveyors associated with such surveys are engaged in establishing new boundaries or finding the existing ones. A cadastral survey may be used for subdivision of a large land into smaller pieces. Determination of the specific properties is also another big use of these surveys that are useful for establishing the contested boundaries between two neighbors. Boundaries of school districts within cities or the counties are the other uses of cadastral surveys.

Uses of topographic surveys – These surveys are generally made use of by the construction related businesses and the governments. The state and municipal authorities are dependent upon such surveys that are helpful in planning the roads and other infrastructure for development purposes. The developers that are interested in constructing ski resorts on the mountain slopes may make use of accurate topographical surveys by hiring the valuable services of the noble surveyors. Suitability of land for golf course can also be determined with these surveys.

It may be noted that perimeter boundary lines and easement-lines are necessitated for chalking out the base maps for designing of buildings or roads etc. as regards topographical surveys.