When SHOULDN’T You Do-it-Yourself

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There are a lot of different home repairs and projects you can do yourself. By doing one of these do-it-yourself projects, you can save a lot of money plus get a feeling of accomplishment for building something with your own two hands.Some of these basic repairs can save you hundreds in hiring a contractor or repairman.You probably have no issue setting up things like a garden furniture or fixing your sink. However, there are some tasks that you simply shouldn’t attempt to do yourself.If you’re thinking about doing any of the following, you should think twice.

Electrical Work

Doing any repairs or maintenance with electricity is one of the most dangerous do-it-yourself projects you can do, especially if you don’t know how to completely shut off the power to your home or which wires are live. Even though you may be excited to jump into an outdoor lighting project for your garden area, Simply Garden Furniture recommends finding an expert. Some electrical work requires a city permit to do, and those repairs absolutely must be left to the professionals.Never try to do any major electrical work yourself beyond basic things like installing a light fixture or a ceiling fan.Even then, only do these tasks if you’re confident you understand how to do them.

Garden Furniture

Pipe work and Major Plumbing Work

Be very careful when trying to do anything with your pipes and plumbing.Some of it is completely possible, such as changing your faucet, putting in new showerheads, or even installing a new shower or bathtub.However, anything that involves replacing pipes, especially those near outdoor furniture or pipes that have to be welded together, should probably be left to the professionals. The last thing you want is for your self-repaired pipes to explode in the middle of the night and flood your house.

Roof Repairs

If you’re uncertain how to repair your roof, don’t attempt it.It’s very important that you have a solid, dependable roof, and for that, you need a professional.A storm that has damaged your roof to the point that it needs repairs may have done more damage that a non-professional can see.Sometimes, storms do more than just blow away some shingles.They can also cause some structural damage that the average person won’t know how to repair.Even if you try, it’s possible you’ll do something wrong and your roof will leak or, worse, collapse during the next big storm.

Repairs to your Gas Heating or Gas Appliances

Just like doing any major electrical work, you want to avoid any do-it-yourself work on your gas system.It might seem like a simple task to disconnect your gas oven to move it while painting or putting down a new floor, but it might not be as simple to reconnect it securely so that no gas leaks out.Any gas leak can be deadly.Don’t overestimate your abilities when it comes to dealing with any gas appliance, especially your heating system.

Be Very Careful with Do-it-Yourself Projects

These are just a few of the projects you should be very careful about doing yourself. The basic rule of thumb is that if you’re uncertain what to do, it’s probably best to leave it to a professional or at least find a friend or family member with some experience with the same type of projects.