Questions To Ask When Hiring An Estate Agent

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Home is a place where we all have unforgettable memories for life, that’s why we call it “Home Sweet Home.” However, there is often a scenario when we have to make the big call of selling it off. There may be a number of reasons those leverage homeowners to contact the listing agent, but the most prevalent being the need of extra sq ft to meet the growing space needs of the family.

When you have made up your mind to sell your home, hiring a listing agent is then the next big call you have. A listing agent is a real estate proficient with ample market; he/she takes care of things such as the listing price, marketing, staging, and doing the necessary tweaks & repairs to your property. The agent will thoroughly analyse your property and then put forth a rough estimate, moreover mull over your personal aspects such as the timeline and what you’re price expectation.

With Chelmsford estate agents everywhere choosing the right one who not only has the local market expertise also has a credible image is the toughest challenge every home has to pass through. Don’t worry we’re here to bail you out from this situation-

Ask these questions from your listing agent-

Do you work as a full-time estate agent?

There are people in the estate industry taken the job of being a property agent as a side hassle, and probably with the sole aim of making money. So, stay clear of the part-time guys, an individual having this profession has his/her only bread and butter to the family will leave no stone unturned to establish long-term relations with the clients.

How long you have been into this business?

Another important question to ask in order to find one of the most dependable Chelmsford estate agents is their experience in the industry? Typically, an estate agent who has been in the business for long will have the inside knowledge & vast expertise to provide you with the best advice.

What’s your fee?

Well, at first you might feel timid to inquire this straightway from your listing agent, but this one factor which is undeniable when in search for a seller agent.

How will you market my property?

In this age of the Internet, the estate agents have dedicated websites & social media presence to market your home. Apart from digital marketing, what other traditional means they implement to help you find the right buyer.

Don’t just about anyone himself/herself an estate agent; take your time to zero down on the best. Talk to your known those who have sold their property, their advice will enable you to stay away from all the hassles associated with hiring an estate agent.