Polished Concrete: An Exciting Process Delivers Amazing Results



Not exactly. This material has been used for many, many years in construction and other settings, usually without much thought given to how it looked. Most of the time, the contractor or finisher was satisfied to have a strong, smooth surface of the traditional grey colour. But in the last few decades, the idea of enhancing the appearance of concrete and improving its durability has widely taken hold.

Polished concrete has been processed mechanically with specific equipment made for this purpose. A penetrant chemical called a “hardener” is also used during this process. This creates a reaction that not only hardens the surface but gives it a dust-proof quality. Experienced specialists use a step-by-step process with progressively finer grinding equipment fitted with diamond polishing pads. In some settings, dye is added to the concrete to create colour. Some projects include scoring or otherwise marking the surface to create radial lines, bands, borders, or other designs.

Advanced System

If you’d like to know more about polished concrete cost, you may want to look more closely at an advanced system recognised worldwide as one of the most efficient ways to achieve the desired finish. When you work with a certified contractor using specific machinery, chemicals, and diamond tools in their process, you can depend on receiving outstanding consistency and uncompromising quality. You can even be given a written certification when you work with certain contractors.

Polished concrete has grown in popularity in the past decade, finding proponents in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. But even with the development of this technique into a dependable way to improve a concrete surface, the top providers continually seek new methods and equipment with the goal of providing an even better product to the valued customer. This requires attendance at industry seminars, consistent research, and extensive testing, all in search of the finest results so that your finished floor delivers the performance that you want and deserve.

Residential customers can expect a versatile floor that works with their vision of the ideal living space. The process is a great choice for the contemporary loft and for modern apartments and homes. However, suppliers find that polished concrete is gaining popularity apart from these applications. Creative, experienced companies are using this method to put a classic material at the leading edge of architectural design.

Commercial, Industrial

Property owners and business owners have also found that this process can give them the appearance that they want for their commercial and retail settings along with unmatched durability. Polished concrete is now one of the leading choices for flooring in these businesses. It provides a seamless look but also increases ambient lighting, thanks to its reflectivity. Retail and commercial buildings can have a contemporary look while maintaining the necessary professional feel.

It’s also a fine option for the industrial property, especially where floor strength requirements go beyond the normal range because this method chemically hardens the concrete and also gives it a polished, sealed surface that isn’t coated in the traditional sense. Call today to find out how this technique can work for you.