An Outstanding Opportunity for Investment in Luxury Real Estate


If you’re going to make a major investment of any type, whether it’s a home, a new car, or a kitchen appliance, to name a few, there’s an essential step that you should take. In fact, you might look at this beginning as more than a step. It’s a process during which you learn as much as you can about what you’re about to purchase. Of course, you don’t have to become an expert on what you’re going to buy when you can rely on having the guidance and advice of people who are specialists in that specific area.

This may be more important in real estate transactions than in any other category. If you take some time to learn about the location in which you’re going to buy, you’ll make a more informed decision. Combine this with the assistance of people who know the area well and you’re well ahead of others who might not take so much care in making their choice.

Assuming that you’re serious about investing in Abu Dhabi, why not take some time to learn about this fascinating and growing location? This is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the city with the second-highest population. Dubai is the most populous. If you travel to Abu Dhabi, you’ll be on an island in the Persian Gulf among approximately 1.5 million persons who live and work in a centre of industrial activity and political activity. This great city is also a hub of culture that attracts thousands every year.


As one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, it presents a fine opportunity for investment in a desirable development area. Talk to the experts on luxury real estate in Abu Dhabi and let them guide you to a wise investment in a Financial Free Zone recognised for economic and political stability. The growth potential is remarkable, which means that you can invest with confidence and without stress. As a foreign investor, you can benefit from leasehold ownership in the central business district of this capital city.

You can get started by visiting the website to learn more about Al Maryah Island, sometimes referred to as the Manhattan of the Middle East. You’ll discover a destination for thousands who seek the finest in business opportunities and quality lifestyle and find a collection of healthcare facilities and entertainment locations including Galleria Mall, Four Seasons Hotels, Al Maryah Central Mall, Abu Dhabi Global Market, and more.

If you’d prefer to talk to a member of the team about the notable opportunities, you can discuss Maryah Plaza, designers of One Hyde Park in London, a luxury residential location by which many others are judged. Talk with a representative for a short time and you’ll understand why this area is so popular as an investment opportunity. Consider the low price compared to other luxury developments around the world and the potential for capital appreciation. The rental yields make this an even better option, considering the amazingly low tax burden.

In Demand

If you need additional incentive for considering Abu Dhabi and this luxury real estate investment, give some thought to the scarce supply of high-end properties. Investors are already grabbing these opportunities as wealth builders and for their personal use. You’ll also become part of a development featuring the most up-to-date amenities including clubhouse, spa, gym, infinity pool, and more. The residences are constructed with the utmost care and expert craftsmanship, using design and techniques that are truly cutting edge.

Many people visit Abu Dhabi and make a point to return, many on a permanent basis. One of the real drawing cards is the desert climate and blue skies all year. Temperatures from June to September can be hot and humid with the cool season through the remainder of the year. The United Arab Emirates has a high gross domestic product per capita, one of the highest in the world, thanks to the ample supplies of oil and natural gas. For the past decade, the governing bodies of the city and region have put great effort into economic diversification with production other than oil and gas now accounting for nearly two-thirds of the country’s total.

Emphasising industrial diversity has led to the establishment of free zones which lead to growth in real estate, tourism, and other areas. In fact, actions by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and other development organisations also lead to upgraded infrastructure, including a new port, airport expansion, and a new rail link from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Experience Counts

When you choose this outstanding opportunity, you’ll be working with a group that’s been at the forefront of development for half a century. Putting its efforts into ambitious international development, the focus has always been on craftsmanship that meets or exceeds the standards of the most discerning investor. This positive focus is combined with emphasis on design that is both modern and ultimately sustainable.

Maryah Plaza will offer residential apartments, a five-star hotel, commercial locations, and a retail promenade on the waterfront, all in a prestigious location. It’s the first residential development in the city’s free zone and business centre. But this will remain an outstanding business investment as well with residential development accounting for about one-third of all building and growth.

Work with trusted professionals who have completed hundreds of projects that shape lives and transform landscapes in an unequalled manner. This effort now includes activity on Al Maryah Island, the focal point of the government’s Vision 2030 project and the capital city’s “first financial free zone”. The goal will be more than an outstanding location for business; the goal is to become a recognised, world-class financial centre. Make the wise choice and contact the professionals who know development and who know Abu Dhabi today.