How To Make Your Metal Building More Energy Efficient Through Proper Insulation


Energy efficiency is the big catch phrase of the day. All businesses are looking for a way to be efficient and energy is a place where they can be efficient and cost-saving.

Businesses that are in metal buildings may think that energy efficiency isn’t for them. It’s a metal building after all. Maybe you’ve written down the list and tried to figure out where you could be more efficient. You’ve installed the correct light bulbs and have done all of the little suggestions that there are. The big question we have is: have you looked at your insulation?

Insulation is actually a major part in making your metal building more energy efficient. Here are a few good reasons that ensuring you have the proper insulation for your building will save you money:


Controlling Temperature

There’s nothing worse than a cold building in the winter and a hot one in the summer. Proper insulation slows down the movement of heat in and out of a building. Partnered with thermostats, you can save 2-3% of cooling costs in the summer by keeping the temperature a little warmer.

In the winter, the bulk of heat loss occurs through the roof. Warm air has to be forced back down to the floor level to keep the temperature near the ground (and around your desk) warm because it’s really difficult to work with mittens and a bulky down feather coat.


Lighting came make or break a home, office, or really any place. Too much light and everybody is asking for sunglasses. Too little lighting and people are wondering if they are walking into a romantic dinner for two. There has to be a proper balance. After you have replaced all the incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, consider that your insulation may also help you be more efficient in your lighting.

The laminated facings on metal building insulation provide a bright wall that can reflect natural light and immediately brighten up a space. But not only that, adding the right insulation to your ceiling can also help with lighting and save you some money in the process.

Moisture control

Metal building insulation can provide a barrier to limit the passage of water vapors. This prevents condensation within insulation and on the interior surfaces of the building. Condensation means moisture. Moisture is what mold and mildew require to grow (and why your bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly). In extreme cases, mold and mildew can actually rot away at the structural segments of the building. So keeping water vapors out is particularly important to preventing damage to your building.
There are plenty of ways to save energy at your building. If necessary, an energy auditor can help provide some guidance as to necessary fixes. A good place to start though is with the insulation in your building.