Exploring Cultural Elegance of Miami Architects


Architecture design in Miami is changing and evolving at lightning speed at the beginning of the 21st century. Miami Architectural perceptions have become authentic things unto themselves in the present scenario. As astonishingly diverse as contemporary architecture is, most importantly it is an image of what is happening right now all over the world, in people’s minds and in the global collective consciousness. The many faces of world architecture these days make for a mind-expanding book. Every year, loads of visitors are attracted to Miami-Dade County as a result of the lovely beaches, subtropical climate and vibrant nightlife of south Florida. The cultural attractions of the city are also fascinating. Since the year 2010, the museums of the city have been offering the millions of residents and visitors the chance to enjoy educational and entertaining programming. Moreover, there are numerous of distinctive architectural wonders in the city that they can admire while taking relaxing strolls.



Tourists get a taste of the art leanings of the city the moment they reach the Miami International Airport. The courtyards of the airport are well-known for exhibiting works of world-renowned architects. Leading-edge art from established and emerging artists is the prominence at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city. Works of prominent artists from the twentieth and twenty-first century make up the collection at the Miami Art Museum, where art-work reflecting the varied population of the city is the emphasis. There are museums in local universities as well that are open to the public. For instance, a large collection of pre-Columbian art, printmaking works and works by the Caribbean and Latin American artists be viewed at Florida International University’s Frost Art Museum. Likewise, works of arts from different continents are a part of the collection at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami.


Furthermore, additional intimate gatherings to appreciate art are provided by a number of galleries in Miami city. Cheese and wine gatherings and meet-the-artist events are hosted at these galleries. The Brick ell area, the Miami Design District, the Wynnewood area and other neighbourhoods around Miami are included among clusters of these smaller venues. Functioning as alternative art spaces, cutting-edge performance art is also hosted at some galleries. During the evening, gallery walks are also organized by neighbourhood business associations so people can enjoy appetizers and wine while visiting several galleries at once.

Performing Arts

Numerous large entertainment locations and performing art companies are also there in Miami. All through the year, a wide range of performance is also included among cultural attractions, from theatre to dance companies. In the Colony Theatre, performances by the popular Miami Contemporary Dance Company can be viewed. Performances by other well-known dance companies, such as the IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company and the Momentum Dance Company can also be viewed at venues throughout Miami, such as the Colony, and other cultural centres and public buildings neighbouring it. Dance classes for adults and children are also offered by these companies.

Historic Buildings and Homes

Miami architects, especially because of its historic Miami hotels & places, is well known as a centre of Art Deco architecture. The list on the National Register of Historic Places also contains the Art Deco Historic District in Miami. The largest cluster of Art Deco architecture is presented there, which includes hundreds of commercial and private buildings from the 1920s and 1940s. Walking tours of the area can be taken and bold geometric shapes and pastel buildings structured by the Miami Design Preservation League can be viewed there too. Historic buildings that range in style from Mediterranean Revival to Art Deco can also be found at the Biscayne Boulevard Historic District.

Historic Churches

Two very old religious institutions are housed in downtown Miami. The Gesu Church is the oldest parish in Miami and Catholic residents have been worshiping there since late 1890s. The Mediterranean Revival style cathedral is built on land that was donated by Henry Flagler in the 1920s. It features an ornate alter, a portico and a tower. The Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1896 by Miami’s African-American residents.


Miami definitely seems to have a cultured side and that is among the reasons it is such a popular tourist destination. If you too want to discover this side of the Miami, then you should definitely visit the cultural attractions of the city such as the ones above. Moreover, let’s take a look towards Miami architects, builders and designers.

Present scenario of Miami architects in designing and remodelling

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