Tuesday , 25 July 2017

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Polished Concrete: An Exciting Process Delivers Amazing Results

Not exactly. This material has been used for many, many years in construction and other settings, usually without much thought given to how it looked. Most of the time, the contractor or finisher was satisfied to have a strong, smooth surface of the traditional grey colour. But in the last few decades, the idea of enhancing the appearance of concrete ... Read More »

Your Local Arboreal Specialists: Handling Everything from Tree Trimming to Stump Grinding

If your property is chock-full of sickly-looking trees, low-hanging branches, and young saplings that simply refuse to grow, it’s time to hire a team of professional arborists to perform some necessary tree maintenance, especially if you have an inherent fear of heights or lack the required experience to safely and effectively perform arboreal upkeep. However, even though tree-trimming services are ... Read More »