The difference between еру delivery and moving company


17.MCCargo can be delivered by means of different transport vehicles. Long-distance deliveries are carried by trucks and railway, by water and by air. The most common and reasonable type of cargo delivery is trucking. We will talk about it. Trucking is available type of cargo transportation as the prices are rather low and the scope of these services is widely represented on the Canadian market. The trucking services can be divided into two main groups. The first group includes long-distance cargo delivery. The second group includes a full truck rental with a driver who is in charge of cargo transportation from one location to another. The companies providing such type of services are called moving companies.

Let’s examine the details of cargo long-distance trucking. Long-distance trucking is the transportation of cargo that belongs to different owners in one truck simultaneously. There are a lot of so-called “delivery companies”, which are willing to carry even very small items from individuals and companies at relatively small fees. How does the transportation company operate? Such companies have their own subsidiaries (a big warehouse with cargo reception and delivery) network in different cities and a fleet of big trucks. The client comes to such warehouse to make a delivery order or take the delivered cargo home. If you don’t want to visit a warehouse yourself the transportation company provides the service of delivery to the customer’s door. The customer makes payment either before the delivery or after it. It depends on company policy.

What can a moving company offer the client? Moving company is primarily involved in apartment or office relocations. Moving company can operate both within the city and province as well as across the whole country. Moving company provides the services of movers, packers, furniture assemblers and is ready to supply the packaging material. Moving company has a number of vehicles of different types for short distances and across the country cargo transportation. The main difference of moving company from the delivery company is that client does not pay for the amount and weight of cargo, but for the truck with the driver rental. The total price depends on what kind of vehicle the customer chooses. It should be noted that there are many small private companies on the market for moving services, which consist of a single driver with his own unique vehicle. The cost of services in private moving company is rather low as there is no administrative apparatus and advertising expenses.

When ordering an apartment move you can count on the additional services that professional movers are happy to provide. The list of such services includes: the provision of loaders, furniture assemblers, shipping manager and security guard services as well as cargo insurance. Moving company services are quite rational and are well developed in Canada today. If you need a civilized moving to another city, fast delivery of goods from store to your home or office at night, it is all possible thanks to the services of moving companies.