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4 Must-haves for a Proper Online Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Nearly two decades of the 21st century have passed and it is high time that realtors everywhere acknowledge that, without proper online marketing strategies, life and business will be very hard. Loopnet and Google have conducted a study together which has shown that around 80% of people looking for a listing, whether to lease or invest into, are going to ... Read More »

Can Anyone Invest in the Property Market

There has been a lot of debate about investing money into the property market as of late. After the market crash of 2008, millions of people lost everything they had. Trillions were wiped off of the global markets, and it all started from the greed of bankers and investors who had their money in the property market. While the crash ... Read More »

What Are The Levels Of Certification With Adobe Certification Exams?

Adobe Certification Exams

Adobe Certification Exams are available at several different certification levels. Different levels of certification might be right for you at different points in time. Knowing these levels will allow you to choose among them based on your personal certification goals. Here are the three levels of Adobe certification and what you need to know about each one. Single Product Certification ... Read More »

How To Build The Perfect Real Estate Website

real estate website design

Many real estate agents who are updating their websites get lost in the variety of themes and templates and lose focus of what clients are really looking for. A very simple example is using a heavy template that takes a long time to load. Sure, a pretty website can engage the visitor, but not if there are similar sites offering ... Read More »

The Best The World Has To Offer For Real Estate

New York

Are you into the real estate business? If you are then it is a must to know something about the top cities for real estate investment. The following is a list of the best places for real estate: 1. Washington D.C Compared to New York, Tokyo and London, Washington D.C. had taken the conventional back seat, but since 2009 this ... Read More »